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Tree Farm

With over two decades of deep-rooted passion, we at Maidstone Tree Farm & Garden Centre are proud to be one of the largest suppliers in the region, nurturing dreams of gardeners, landscape enthusiasts, and tree lovers alike.

Our farm is home to a magnificent selection of large caliper trees growing in the back acres of our property. Large caliper trees are mature trees with a larger trunk diameter of a certain size – typically too large to have for sale at the garden centre, and are perfect for those who wish to invest in a significant, eye-catching addition to their garden or landscape, offering immediate structure, shade, and aesthetic appeal.

Our tree farm is also an abundant treasury of shrubs of all shapes and sizes, ready to add dimension, texture, and colour to your garden. It is our firm belief that every great garden begins with great choices, and that is exactly what we offer at Maidstone.

We encourage you to take a walk down our rows of trees and check out the back of the tree farm!


We understand that maintaining your green oasis requires time, effort, and the right tools. That is why we carry TreeGator® Products – an innovative, eco-friendly solution to your tree and shrub watering needs.

Meet the original TreeGator® – a revolutionary slow-release watering bag designed to efficiently hydrate your newly planted trees, shrubs, and evergreens.

By slowly and consistently releasing water directly to the root system, TreeGator® Products save you valuable time and reduce water waste, ensuring your plants receive the hydration they need to thrive.

TreeGator® is available in two sizes – the ample TreeGator® Original and the compact TreeGator® Jr. These indispensable gardening aids are now in stock at Maidstone Tree Farm & Garden Centre.

Need help setting up your TreeGator®?

Check out the accompanying instructional video provided for a step-by-step guide to hydrating your garden the smart way.

Our Large Caliper Trees

For our region of Windsor-Essex County, we have a variety of large caliper trees that can thrive in the climate conditions. Here are a selection of tree types that can thrive and be grown at our farm for resale or for your property:

Red Maple

Acer rubrum

Known for its vibrant fall colour, this native tree thrives in various conditions and has a quick growth rate.

White Oak

Quercus alba

A majestic tree with broad-spreading branches, the white oak is known for its durability, strength, and beautiful autumn foliage.

Sugar Maple

Acer saccharum

A classic choice for fall colour and shade, the sugar maple is also the source of maple syrup.

Honey Locust

Gleditsia triacanthos

An excellent shade tree, the honey locust has a rapid growth rate and can tolerate a variety of soil conditions.

Norway Spruce

Picea abies

A large evergreen that can provide year-round privacy and wind protection.

Eastern White Pine

Pinus strobus

This fast-growing native pine tree can provide quick cover and year-round greenery.

Tulip Poplar

Liriodendron tulipifera

Notable for its unique tulip-shaped flowers, this tree is also a fast grower and can provide excellent shade.

Bald Cypress

Taxodium distichum

Although typically found in wet, swampy areas, this deciduous conifer can also adapt to drier conditions and provides a beautiful fall colour.

Northern Red Oak

Quercus rubra

A robust and adaptable tree, the Northern Red Oak is known for its vibrant fall colour and quick growth rate.


Sequoia sempervirens

Embrace grandeur with the iconic Redwood, known for its towering height and textured bark. A symbol of strength, this majestic tree adds a bold and enduring touch to any landscape.

Be sure to check with our knowledgeable staff at Maidstone Tree Farm & Garden Centre before selecting the perfect tree for your garden as there is more to it than just how large it may grow. You will also want to consider the specifics of your planting site (e.g., soil condition, water conditions, and sunlight) when choosing a tree and we are happy to help offer guidance for decades of shade and beauty!