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Garden Centre / Perennials

Just like a well-planted garden, what makes nature's beauty truly shine is the blend of textures, colours, heights, and foliage.

At Maidstone Tree Farm & Garden Centre, we mirror this diversity by offering the finest variety and quantities of any garden centre in Windsor-Essex County. We are here to enrich your outdoor space with nature’s splendor!

Visit us today to explore an incredible selection of Emerald Cedars, evergreen shrubs, flowering shrubs, perennial grasses, hostas, roses, pollinators, and more. Dive into the vibrant world of gardening where local landscapers shop, and Get Growing with Us!

Stroll through our Garden Centre pathways, where we house a stock of diverse trees including fruit trees, flowering trees, and decorative deciduous varieties. Feel free to explore our tree farm in the back where larger caliper trees grow too, but please be mindful of machinery as it is a working farm.

Shop at Maidstone Tree Farm & Garden Centre, and let’s bring your gardening vision to life! Your paradise awaits you here, in the heart of Windsor.

Need a large quantity of boxwoods or cedars for a property hedge?

Contact us, and we will plan, organize, and even arrange delivery for your project, ensuring the best fit for Windsor’s Zone 6a growing region and hardiness zone.

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Soils & Mulch

At Maidstone Tree Farm & Garden Centre, we understand that unique applications demand unique types of soil, and that is why we offer a diverse range of specialty soil and mulch options, tailored for the gardeners of Windsor-Essex County.

From the nutrient-rich Fafard Garden Soil, perfect for vegetable and flower gardens, to the Viva Lawn Soil Mix, designed for a lush lawn, we have something for everyone. Our 3/1 Triple Soil Mix offers a balanced blend for all-around planting, while the Tree & Shrub Soil Mix provides the perfect environment for your ornamental trees and shrubs.

The Acid Loving Plants & Berries Soil Mix is a unique solution for those special plants that thrive in acidic soil. For more information and details on these specialized soil mixed, please visit Fafard or call Maidstone Tree Farm & Garden Centre at 519-737-2999 and speak with one of our Garden Centre team members today!

For the professional landscapers or home gardeners, our AllTreat All Natural Canada Red Cedar Mulch (Local Landscaper’s Top Choice!) and AllTreat All Natural Black Mulch provides an elegant finish that helps retain moisture and control weeds in your garden beds.

Algreen Products

Algreen Products is a Canadian company from Cambridge, ON committed to making beautiful and long lasting outdoor planters, pots, and rain barrels for Canadian gardens.

We are proud to offer a line of Algreen Products for your home and garden at Maidstone Tree Farm. You can browse our Potter’s Shed and collection of quality outdoor resin pots and planters today to showcase your potted trees and shrubs!