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Your Landscape Delivered

At Maidstone Tree Farm our tree experts are skilled at wrapping and tying trees so that they can be transported home in a minivan or SUV. We encourage you to bring a tarp, an old sheet, some bungee cords and a colourful flag. If you purchase a large tree, we can provide professional delivery service. Your tree will be covered and laid down in the trailer to prevent windburn to the foliage. It will also be carefully tied to prevent any physical damage to the branches and the bark of the tree.

We will gladly place your trees where you want them. Delivery rates vary and can get a bit complex. Sometimes we need to send the truck, the trailer, two staff members and a special tree cart to get a tree to a backyard planting pit. So come visit us to select the perfect tree to enhance your property and we will deliver it to your location.

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