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Maidstone Tree Farm's Warranty on Our Nursery Stock

1 year warranty

At Maidstone Tree Farm and Garden Centre, we grow and sell quality nursery stock. We offer a 1-year replacement warranty on all trees and shrubs purchased at the regular retail price. The purchase price may be replaced with any plant material at the regular retail price. Both the receipt and the intact plant must be presented. Trees and shrubs are replaced once. No warranty on discounted plants, plants purchased with discount coupons, or perennials.


Be patient—some plants, such as Butterfly bushes, Rose of Sharon, London Plane and Hickory trees may be late to break dormancy.

How to Check If Your Woody Plant or Tree Is Dead

  • Dead
    • Twigs are grey and / or brown
    • Twigs are dry, crispy, break or snap when bent
    • No buds on the branches
    • Buds are present but they are brown and dried out
    • When you scrape a thin layer of the bark, the inside is grey or brown
  • Alive
    • Twigs are tan and green
    • Twigs are pliable, bend and then bounce back
    • Buds are present on branches
    • The inside of the buds are green
    • When you scrape a thin layer of the bark, the inside shows the inner green cambium layer

Check several locations in different parts of the tree; a tree might just have some dead branches, which need trimming. Dead or diseased branches may be trimmed anytime. Japanese Maple trees and shrubs often have some winterkill, which is light grey—but this doesn't mean the tree is dead. It just needs pruning.

If you have any questions about gardening or your plant, or about our warranty, please feel free to contact us. Serving the Windsor-Essex area, our friendly staff are dedicated to helping you.

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